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  • Tech Tips - How Not to Get Your Facebook Page Hacked. Stay Hacker Free!Facebook is one of the coolest sites ever! I’ve reconnected with so many friends and family members from elementary school to college. Enjoy Facebook just be aware of the dangers that lurk.Hackers love people like you!Change your Password!I know, you’ve probably used the same password since junior high. Hackers love people like you, when you don’t change your password you make it easy for them to steal it.Get in the habit of changing your password at least every 3 months. There are programs out there that hackers can run to crack your password, so please when creating a password use something that can’t be found in a

    Jul 26,
    - by admin
  • Ok, you've probably tried to fix your computer yourself and now you've ended up here.  Not a problem!   I'm going to cover a few basic solutions then we'll go from there. Common Problems: My Computer is sluggish I get a weird error message when opening programs Quick Fix: Power down - If you don't get much sleep you'd be very cranky.  Your computer is no different.  Many problems are solved by just powering your computer down waiting a few seconds and restarting it. Virus infections, data recovery, hardware troubleshooting may be things that are too complex for you to repair. Should this simple fix not work, then call the friendly geeks at Half Price Geeks -1-877-774-3357 to setup an

    Jan 09,
    - by Harold